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Master Business Coach and
Executive Leadership Coach

Training and Certification Courses

Created and taught by Berry Fowler, Founder Sylvan Learning Centers and Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching 

The Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching provides the most comprehensive, flexible, and efficient path to becoming a Certified Master Business Coach (MBC) and Certified Executive Leadership Coach (CELC) through our complete online training program.

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Certified Master Business
Coach (MBC) Course

Our accelerated 30 Hour Certified Master Business Coach one-to-one training course is designed for motivated individuals wishing to provide coaching to small business owners and entrepreneurs at virtually any stage in business. Students acquire a competitive advantage by mastering a proven, professional, results-driven, business coaching system with a track record of over forty years of success.
To qualify to receive your Master Business Coach (MBC) credential you must have experience as a business owner, executive, manager or team leader.

Certified Executive Leadership
Coach (CELC) Course

Our 36 Hour Certified Executive Leadership Coach training course is a self-directed, online video training course we offer to individuals who desire to provide leadership coaching to executives, managers, team leaders and employees working within corporate and non-profit organizations.  

Our Executive Leadership Coach (CELC) course includes our 20 hour Certified Professional Coach (CPC) course at no additional cost. You'll earn two coaching credentials while mastering the tools and techniques of professional coaching.
Because business and executive coaches strive to enhance their clients' success in both their professional and personal lives, we include our Certified Professional Life Coach course at no additional cost when you enroll in either our Master Business Coach or Executive Leadership Coach courses.

Features and Benefits of Our Business Coaching Courses


40 Year Track Record of Success 

Capitalize on Your Own Experience 

Feel Confident and Prepared 

Proven Effective Coaching Tools 


Begin Immediately 

Set Your Own Schedule 

Learn From Anywhere 

Teaching and Support from the Experts 


Program Designed for Real-World Application 

Hands-On, Experiential Learning

Lifetime Access to All Training 


Coaching Tailored to Any Business Type

Begin Where Your Client Needs You Most 

Adaptable to Any Business Coaching Specialty


Capitalize on the Fowler Brand 

Elevate Your Standing Above the Competition


Weekly Learning Sessions

Unparalleled Email and Phone Support 

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"Discover Your Coaching Future" Consultation

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Master Business Coaches 

"Berry Fowler has created the most powerful business coaching system available."  
Charles Stadtmueller, CPA, MBC

Coaching is more than a profession. It is a calling, a passion and an incredible opportunity to help others. Learning to become a business coach through the Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching provides you with the training, tools, expertise and credentials to coach small business owners, executives and their teams to achieve a higher level of success.


Our proven business and executive leadership coaching programs were developed by Berry Fowler, founder and former chairman of Sylvan Learning Centers and founder and chairman of the Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching. Berry has been coaching and teaching others to coach for four over decades. During the past 16 years alone, he and his team have trained and certified over 10,000 professional coaches worldwide.

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