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I am very thrilled and grateful to have taken the Master Business Coach program at the Fowler School of Business. The ideas I have learned and used have already helped me to increase my international reputation for excellence. Your business and franchise experience and strength, as the founder of Sylvan Learning Center, clearly show as you share your powerful business coaching tools and techniques. I absolutely applaud the idea of putting our learning to use immediately during the course so we reinforce what we learn. And lastly, the high level of business coaches in the course also contributed to its success.

Elizabeth Clark, CPC, CMC, MBC


I want to personally thank Berry Fowler and the Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching organization for creating and presenting the Master Business Coaching Course. I am giving the quality of the presentation and extensive group interaction, along with the valuable content of the course, an A+. As a coach and human being, I created high standard personal goals for myself.

It is very important for me to be equipped with the appropriate and effective tools to assist my clients to move to higher levels of excellence and continued growth. The Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching helped me accomplish this high standard personal goal.

Now that I am a Master Business Coach graduate, I feel confident and energized to offer my clients the best information and tools to assist them to reach their desired goals and objectives.  Plus, I have broadened my network of highly trained Business Coaches who I met and worked with during the interactive portions of the program.

To All Coaches (Worldwide)​​​​​​

To continue to add to the credibility of the Coaching industry it is crucial for all Coaches to be trained appropriately. I can honestly say that Berry Fowler and the Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching organization will offer you the proper courses and training that will prepare you to go out and work confidently with your coaching clients.

Steve Fagan, CPC, CMT, MBC​​​​​​​​


​Berry Fowler’s Master Business Coach Class blew me away. The tools Berry developed and provided to us are so simple to use, yet they are amazingly effective. Every tool is designed to engage our business clients in

the process of organizing their business operations, identifying opportunities, overcoming obstacles, planning for the future and developing systems to make their businesses more profitable, more valuable and more fun.

The depth of information in Berry’s thirty hour MBC course has not only prepared me to be an excellent

Master Business Coach, it has prepared me to use these same proven principles to launch and grow my own coaching business as well.

I ran my own business for twenty five years and I can honestly say if I had hired a coach that used the Fowler School of Business and Executive coaching system I would have been more successful, made a lot more money and built much more equity.

I earned my Certified Professional Coach Certificate from Fowler Wainwright a little over three years ago. Since then, I am proud to say I have used what I learned to help others make significant changes to improve their lives. Now, I am a Certified Master Business Coach and I feel completely prepared and totally confident I have what it takes to help other business owners achieve a higher level of success in both their business and personal lives.”

Brad McDowell, CPC, MBC​​​​

I have known and worked with Berry Fowler for over four decades so when I heard about his Master Business Coach course I immediately signed up. Now that I have graduated, I wanted to share the following.

First, I want to express my personal gratitude to Berry Fowler for taking the time to create Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching Master Business Coach course.  I’ve been coaching for over 15 years and I found the materials and information in this course surpassed anything I’ve received in taking over two decades of Fortune 100 training, with classes sometimes costing as much as $25,000.


Secondly, in just 30 hours, Berry’s MBC class supplied me with an array of effective and practical new tools and techniques I have already put to use in helping my clients. I have also seen how my new Master Business Coach credential gives me a distinct advantage when meeting new clients.

Berry has truly created a world class course that any anyone serious about developing or growing their business coaching practice will benefit from.  When you complete this course you will have the tools, knowledge and most importantly the confidence that you can be of great value to business owners and senior executives anywhere in the world.

Michael Garber, CPC, MBC

There are always those defining experiences where you learn something profound that you know is going to transform or refine the ideology that you have subscribed to. Or, as an entrepreneur, experiences that revolutionize your business model to promote and further your success.


As a private consultant and business owner, my time with the Fowler School of Master Business Coaching will always be remembered as one of those essential, life altering experiences.  Fowler MBC was an opportunity to leverage the knowledge and confirmed methods of Berry Fowler himself, a proven and successful leader in the business community. For all the tools, knowledge, and understanding obtained, I could have spent the entirety of my professional career acquiring.   Therefore, I can say with absolute certainty that the Fowler School of Master Business Coaching is nothing short of a springboard to success.

Fowler MBC course has already proven to be invaluable to my professional development, the relationships I hold with my clients, the acquisition of new customers, and my overall business operations.

To all the folks at Fowler School, I give you hearty thanks for a job well done!

Kendall Wood, MBC


Berry Fowler has been my client for the past fifteen years. During that time I have come to know him as an extremely gifted entrepreneur and educator who is passionate about helping others succeed. But, it wasn't until I took his Master Business Coach course that I understood his true genius.

Berry is able to take something that to others may seem very complicated and develop a system that makes it simple, powerful and easy to use. That’s what he did with Sylvan Learning Centers and that’s what he did with his Master Business Coach program and I can tell you I have never seen anything like it.

I have been a Certified Public Account for over thirty years. My typical clients are owners of small and mid-size businesses facing the same challenges that most of us are experiencing during these tough economic times. Knowing I needed some continuing education credits for my CPA credential, I signed up for the Fowler School’s 30 hour MBC course. What I discovered was my friend, Berry Fowler, the founder of Sylvan Learning Centers has created the most powerful business coaching system available.

I can honestly say I learned more about helping my business clients in Berry’s MBC course than in all the other courses I have taken over the past three decades. This course should be a requirement for every CPA who plans to work with business owners.

Charles Stadtmueller, CPA, MBC

I am prepared to provide clients with the finest business coaching experience as a result of the extraordinary training I received through my participation in the Fowler MBC course.  Berry Fowler and Mike Coyne did a terrific job of training us.  The materials and the live practice have served as excellent preparation for real world coaching.  My fellow course participants were of tremendous help during the exercises.  The course has provided me with all the tools, knowledge and confidence I need to start a successful coaching practice and provide outstanding value for clients.

Phil Stocchetti, MBC

Berry Fowler’s Master Business Coaching class really jettisoned my coaching career to the next level. I had already graduated from his Certified Professional Coaching Course and had been using the principles in my one-on-one coaching with individuals and artists. Becoming a Master Business Coach has already increased my coaching prospects, and my personal mindset. I feel empowered to coach executives, entrepreneurs and business owners in achieving success and creating change. Thank you Berry for your excellent curriculum, shared resources, and the chance to network with other coaches.

Gilli Moon, MBC

A few days after I enrolled in the Master Business Coach course I received the box of class materials in the mail.  From the moment I opened the box and looked inside I knew that I had made the right choice in selecting Fowler School of Business.  As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I work with people on a daily basis to make positive changes in their personal lives and I felt that I could really help business owners launch and grow their businesses and what I needed was some additional education and systematic tools for business professionals.  Berry and his team of professionals exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend all of their courses because the Master Business Coach course was exceptional!  Thank you, Berry, Anne, Mike and Mike. 

Mindy Ash, Founder Hawaii Hypnosis Center and Master Business Coach



I now feel more confident that I have a model that I can use as a standardized way of working with my clients.  I wanted to offer more value and move more into coaching vs. consulting.  I can do this now. Enabling the client to bring out what they already know through skillful questioning and the use of these valuable tools, will help me meet my company's mission: “To enable people and entrepreneurs to live their dreams and elevate results.”

I spent a lot of time searching and researching the best coaching course for me given my experience.  I have been blessed and enriched by Fowler MBC. I look forward to staying connected to my great classmates and other experienced coaches so that I can keep learning and sharing.  Thank you for what you do for the world!  


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