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About Fowler​ School

A True Difference

There are many reasons Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching differs from other business coach training organizations:

​Our Philosophy​​​

​​​At the Fowler School, we believe the professional and life experience that you bring to our classroom is valuable and meaningful. Fowler School of Business Coach training allows you to capitalize on your proven skills and experience as you add new knowledge and techniques to your existing professional toolbox. Our most successful Business Coach candidates are those who have experience in starting, growing, managing or operating a business.


​Practical versus Theoretical

We provide our students with a practical, hands-on approach to business coaching. Our Business Coach course will teach you “How to Coach” and help your clients to achieve their business and personal goals. You will learn how to use the professional tools and techniques that make up our proven professional coaching system.

​Experiential versus Rhetorical

As a Fowler School Business Coach student you will not be subjected to hours of restless rhetoric or recorded audios by pontificating, self-proclaimed experts telling you how great they are. Instead, you will be guided through the process of business coaching. By the time you graduate, you will have hours of experience coaching and being coached. You will master the Fowler School Business Coaching System from both sides of the table. In the end, you will have acquired the tools, knowledge, experience and confidence to launch your professional business coaching practice.

​Fowler School Proven Systems with Over Four Decades of Success

No other coach training organization in the world teaches you this proven business coaching system; a system developed and used by legendary entrepreneur and educator Berry Fowler for over four decades. Because of this, the Fowler School Business Coach System will provide you with a genuine competitive advantage in the profession of business and executive coaching.

​How to Qualify for our Master Level Business Coach Certification

To qualify for our master level certification, you must have at least five years of work experience as a business owner, executive, team leader or manager. If this describes you, simply complete the admissions information and, once you are approved, we will schedule an interview. If you have any questions about qualifying, please give us a call at 509-761-9323.

For our Life Coach Training and Certification Courses, please visit


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