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Certified Master Business Coach Course

The ​Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching offers you the most convenient and effective way to earn your Master Business Coach (MBC) credential in our 30-hour online course.

You will also receive our 20 Hour Online Self-Directed

Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC) Course free.



Begin Immediately - Once you have completed the registration process you will be provided with access to your business coach training lessons, learning materials and course handouts so you may begin right away.

Set Your Own Schedule – The course was created with you in mind and enables you and your Master Trainer to develop a convenient schedule based on your availability.


Learn From Anywhere – Whether you are home, at your office or traveling, our online video lessons allow you to access the course from any location where you have an internet connection. 


Teaching and Support from the Experts – During the course, you will receive direct video instruction from our founder Berry Fowler as well as individualized guidance, coaching and support from one of our experienced Master Business Coach Trainers.



Proven and Effective Business Coaching System – Our coaching system has a successful track record spanning over thirty-five years. During this 30-hour course, you will learn to use our proven results-driven system and by the time you graduate, you will have gained the knowledge and mastered the tools and techniques of professional business coaching.


Capitalize on Your Own Experience – We recognize you worked hard to get where you are today. Fowler Business Coaching Course provides you with the framework to integrate your skills and expertise in a complete business coaching system.   


Confident and Prepared – Mastering the Fowler System will instill confidence in knowing you are fully prepared to provide excellent coaching from the moment you graduate.

Our Tools + Your Brand – Upon graduation, you will receive our professional business coaching tools in template form which you may easily customize with your own branding.


Everything about our Coach Training Program is Practical and Applicable - As you progress through your training you will find your time is valued and will not be wasted on filler or fluff. Each lesson is designed to ensure you master every element of our proven coaching process and understand how to apply them to the real-world needs of your clients.


Experiential Hands-On Learning and Concise Course Design - One of the reasons our training is so powerful in teaching you to be an effective and successful coach is our hands-on approach to learn. During the course, as you are introduced to new coaching tools and techniques, you will immediately put them into practice. You will do a lot of coaching. And because you have one-to-one access to your master trainer all of your questions will be answered as you receive valuable and constructive feedback.


Ongoing Access to Training – Once you have graduated and earned your Certified Master Business credential, you will continue to have access to our course video lessons allowing you review any section or repeat the entire course without additional cost.



Coaching for Any Type of Business – During your training you will discover the coaching tools and techniques you have mastered may be used effectively with clients in any type of business and at any stage of business. You will be prepared to provide meaningful coaching to business owners and their team members who are in the pre-launch or launch phase, those who operate an existing business wanting to take it to the next level or those clients who are preparing their business for sale. Our flexible coaching system will give you the means to serve new, existing and former clients for years to come.


Begin Where Your Client Needs You Most – The diagnostic tools within our coaching system enable you to easily identify the needs, objectives and desires of each client enabling you to begin where your client needs you the most.



Leveraging and Positioning – As a graduate of the Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching, you will be a member of an elite team of professional business coaches positioned to offer our proven business coaching system that has helped over 8,000 business owners around the world to start, grow and operate their businesses. During your training you will learn how to leverage our name, reputation and successful track record to open doors when launching and growing your coaching practice.


Continue Learning - Fowler International's monthly group coaching sessions for graduates will provide you with ongoing support and continued learning. Our live online group sessions are free to grads and focus on a variety of topics including the business of coaching, growing your practice, exploring market opportunities and developing additional coaching skills.


Email, Text or Phone – As a graduate, you will have fast access to our master coach questions center. You are invited to contact us whenever you have any questions, ideas you would like to share or simply want to strategize about your business goals. You can reach our friendly and responsive team by email or telephone.

30 Hour Master Business Coach Course Overview

​I. Foundations of Successful Business and Executive Coaching​

      — Introduction to business coaching

      — Coaching the entrepreneur

      — Ethics of professional coaching

      — Coaching versus consulting

      — Identifying your client’s business and personal objectives

      — Sustainable results

      — Results-driven coaching

      — The professional coaching process

      — Developing professional client/coach relationships

II. Mastering Fowler School’s Coaching Process – A Proven System

      — Setting client expectations, a successful coaching experience

      — Effective and Advanced Communication Techniques
      — Goal setting – planning for success
      — Action steps – measuring, assessing and rewarding results
      — Continuing the successful coaching process
      — Exercises and practicum

III. Best Practices

      — Confidentiality
      — Ethics
      — Customizing for corporate clients
      — Techniques of effective group and team coaching
      — Record keeping

IV. Building Your Professional Coaching Practice

      — Marketing strategies for the business coach
      — Leveraging your experience
      — Leveraging our credibility
      — Acquiring your first clients
      — Setting your professional fees
      — Identifying opportunities in your community
      — Building a referral-based practice
      — Creating a powerful web presence
      — Advertising, promotion and public relations
      — 5 steps to becoming a $1000 per hour coach

Tuition Includes
Individualized One-to-One Instruction
Master Business Coach Course Manual
Course Handouts
Exercise Forms
Coaching Tools and Templates for Customized Branding
Certified Master Business Coach Credential
Free Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
Ongoing Telephone and Email Support

Qualifications for Master Business Coach Credential

To qualify for our Certified Master Business Coach (MBC) Course you must have

at least five years of experience in leadership as a business owner, executive or manager

and successfully complete our admissions process


In the past, students have paid up to $5597 for our

30 Hour Master Business Coach Course

Today, your tuition is only $3497

You will also receive our 20 Hour Online Self-Directed

Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC) Course (a $1697 value) Free

You'll earn two Coaching Credentials for the price of one

when you qualify and register for our Certified Master Business Coach training.

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