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Thank you for Your Interest in the Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching program. I’m delighted you’ve found us and I believe the information contained within will serve to answer many of your initial questions about our truly unique Certified Master Business Coach and Certified Executive Leadership Coach training and certification programs.

To begin, I want to share my thoughts about one of the main challenges we are facing in professional business coaching today.


Berry Fowler

The biggest problem with professional business coaching today is there are a lot folks out there pretending to be business coaches, but they are not coaching. They are offering their advice and expertise under the banner of coaching. Yet, all they really are offering is consulting. Sure, they may have some slick marketing materials and fancy psychometric testing tools, but when it comes time to start delivering their services and working with their client, it’s still just consulting. This has resulted in a great deal of confusion about the profession of business coaching.

Now, don’t get me wrong I have nothing against consulting. Consulting can be powerful and effective. In many cases, consultants deliver real value to their clients. But, consulting is not coaching.

How do I know? For the past forty plus years, I’ve been handsomely paid to do both, and I can tell you unequivocally that my coaching is much more effective and provides a lot more value in helping my clients to achieve the sustainable results they are after. And, from my personal and professional experience, I find coaching to be more lucrative, more fulfilling and is a lot more fun.

It is confusing to me why someone would want to continue pretending to be a coach when becoming a great business coach is simple and easy for anyone with a bit of experience and a genuine desire.


That's why I founded the Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching and created our accelerated Certified Business Coach and Executive Leadership Coach Courses for motivated individuals who want to leverage their own business experience and provide the finest in professional coaching to their business and executive clients.

If you are considering a career in business coaching, why not start at the top and earn your Certified Master Business (MBC) Coach credential while you learn the same business coaching system my team and I have used successfully to help over 10,000 individuals to start, grow and operate their businesses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 509 761 9323. You can reach me via email at Or, best of all, I invite you to schedule a no obligation "Discover Your Coaching Future" call with me or one of my experienced Master Business Coaches. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and have the opportunity to understand your personal and professional goals.

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Best regards,



Berry Fowler


Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching

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